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Helping Mainframe (System) Engineers looking for tools to facilitate and support their daily work.
Some are free, for some, a small fee is requested
Looking for Workstation-Based Management
Connecting existing z/OS services with simple web solutions

free tooling

Performance Management

Output Archiving System

Some Highlights


Output Archiving System

  • JES2 Output
  • SPLUNK free
  • Standard ftp protocol
  • Free
  • FileZilla Server

SPLUNK interfacing

job information system

splunk jobinfo

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Streaming Data to Splunk

  • jobstats
  • splunk free
  • pl/1 programs
  • point solutions
  • SMF

web access mainframe services

generate JCL flowcharts

rexx server

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web access mainframe

Web Interfaces to Mainframe Services

  • console
  • pds
  • racf
  • sdsf
  • Rexx Server
  • Socket programming
  • Catalog Services
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Web Interface to Procedure Libraries

  • proclib
  • own libraries
  • jcl diagram
  • procedures
  • jobs
  • workstation-Based
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web-based sdsf

Web Interface to SDSF Services

  • job activity
  • web-based
  • sdsf da
  • sdsf st
  • sdsf o
  • sdsf h
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view & analyze output

Web Interface to JES2 Output

  • jes2
  • job output
  • Message Lookup
  • web-based
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Browse racf profiles

Web Interface to Racf Profiles

  • racf
  • irrxutil
  • web access racf
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web-based Console

Web Interface to Console Services

  • console
  • system commands
  • preselected or free formatted commands
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IPL parmlib members

Web Interface to Parmlib members

  • IPL
  • Parmlib Members
  • diagram
  • better overview ACTIVE MEMBERS
  • easy access tuning reference
  • view content by mouse-click
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mouse-click catalog services

Web Interface to Catalog Services

  • catalog services
  • hlq
  • pds
  • list datasets
  • list members
  • view content by mouse-click
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from Dsect to PL/1 Structure

Generate PL/1 Structure from Assember Dsect

  • assembler
  • pl/1
  • dsect
  • structure
  • generate

have you always wanted to have a pl/1 structure of an asm data area, without having to worry about changes in a new z/OS release ?

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formerly zSeries System Programmer

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